The Psychological Side to Holi – perhaps, the only true side!

It was Holi again here and unlike most times, I did venture out, exploring this festival with a new perspective. This also got me thinking whether I am doing this with a rekindled belied in the mythological takes that surround Holi or due to my new-found faith in things/activities that can bring more joy to life. After some introspection, I realized that the reason was not religious…at all! This renewed interest in Holi was entirely due to the fact that this festival has a deeper, psychological roots to it. These just cannot be ignored. For instance, you get the opportunity to smear color on everyone’s face without any botheration. This type of human contact is rare, i.e. without any second thoughts, fear of a backlash and totally permissible across every section of the society.

People playing holi

Holi is played with colors that can be organic but isn’t as healthy as the Tomatine Festivity that is essentially tomato-based

The most fundamental thing is at play here, i.e. the human touch. When you are smearing someone’s face/hair with color, the contact tends to soothe the nerves, arrest the pessimism and relaxes you. The same is applicable when the colors are rubbed on you. Combine this with lots of splashing in the water and again, you have the most basic things like feeling refreshed, calmer when in contact with water. I believe that like many Hindu festivals, Holi too was essentially an engineered festival. Here, the bare essentials of human psychology were put into play in the pretext of some religious tale. The magic lies in how these tales have engaged our trust and how, we completely tend to ignore the fact that many of these festivals are nothing but an effort to engineer bonhomie and make amends – two things that don’t come easily to most of us!!

Tomatina - the Healthier, More Organic Version of Holi

Spanish Tomatina Underway: Indians loved when it was shown in the movie, Zindagi Na Milegye Dobara.


9 Bizarre Love Stories… Explained! (Valetine’s day, love stories, weird couples) – ODDEE

9 Bizarre Love Stories… Explained! (Valetine’s day, love stories, weird couples) – ODDEE. – this is the kind of weird stuff that you do not want to read about on Valentine’s Day. Folks marrying their stalkers and convicted killers is just a tad too much. Already have the Psycho guy pretty clear in my head as the benchmark for love gone horribly wrong.

Falling in Love, Yes if it can happen to Shrek, why not Me?

Ask anyone who knows anything about me and you are bound to come across an image that portrays me as someone heartless and borderline sadist along with a sprinkling of being selfish and extremely moody. Put these traits together and the image does not look good in terms of me falling in love. However, the seemingly impossible has happened. I have found the individual who really understands me and is ready to look beyond my many shortcomings. I feel lucky and blessed, feel like am not really worthy of her affection but then this isn’t blindly falling into love. I had my share of apprehensions and today, these fears are much, much lesser in comparison to what this relationship gives me. God, gimme the strength to stay honest and strong to this commitment…

Shrek falls in love

Yes, am very much the missing connection between humanity and Shrek.

Goblet Squats…yes, test yourself!

My usual rummaging on Google often include searching for whole body exercises. A few days back, I came across Goblet Squats. Often called a starter kind of squat, it ain’t that easy. For me, it took some time to get used to it. For starters, the weights are maintained in front of you. There is no back or shoulder area that carries the weight for you. The back should be absolutely straight…just like in traditional squats but here, you can go much deeper, to the extent of almost letting your butt kiss the ground. I recommend the Goblet Squat to anyone who prefers doing whole body regimens over merely curling or doing dips. Just try them once and you will realize there is much more to squatting than you realize. These days, I am doing goblet squats with dumbells that weight around 25 lbs each. I know this does not sound like much but with my recent bout of the Flu I need to go slower, much slower and not lose form.


The correct way to do Goblet Squat: Keep your back absolutely straight, your butt can even kiss the ground!


The Morning Rush…Just Me?

This might be the doing of my rather anxious soul but it seems that no matter how hard I try, I always suffer from a bit of unintended, unwanted, unwarranted and somewhat anticipated sweating during the morning rush of getting to work. This should seem strange considering that my workplace is less than 3 km away! Despite the detailed planning of my morning schedule I always deliver in terms of being pressed for minutes as the morning hours click by. Either the breakfast is rushed or I end up bathing like a refugee. The end result is a slightly exasperated state by the time I am behind the steering. I realize that this must happen with a lot of you but then my case, the routine is almost the same and I wake up nearly 5 hours prior to my reporting time. I recall being called lazy as a toddler, child, teenager, and young adult. Perhaps, the problem has enforced itself into my adulthood…!

Unfounded? yes…but, Stupid?…Definitely Not!

I have to confess I am a bit of hypochondriac, an anxious soul and I do have some phobias, none of which are overwhelming. However, there is one fear that strikes me for weeks, every year. This is about the death of my loved ones…to be precise, my parents. This started happening when I was in school. My Maamu passed away in a slightly dramatic way, having suffered a stroke with no one around him able to tell he was having a cardiac arrest. Days after the final ceremonies were completed, I developed this urge to check upon my parents before going to bed. The reason? This irrational fear that unless I see them breathing in their sleep, they would not survive the night! I know this sounds very stupid but then this wasn’t my own doing. You really cannot blame a eight-standard kid for developing some amateurish sort of fear. The problem lies in the fact that whenever I witness anything related to life and death, including movies, my mind again drifts to this topic. I have overcome my obsessiveness but every now and then, like a couple of days every 4 months, this phase resurfaces. Some people would suggest that this is a sign of OCD while others might be able to relate to my problem. In fact, I would not call this a problem unless it has a very deep, psychological or spiritual connect?

The Passport Phone?

Best BB smartphone yet!

This phone is unlike you have seen in the market.

Even the name sounds strange and one look at it and you will realize that the Blackberry Passport is perhaps the strangest looking phone, i.e. from an established brand, though Blackberry is not really established well at the moment. This phone has a dedicated, biggish keyboard and is absolutely square where holding the phone in one hand can be a pain. I had been waiting for a BB Qwerty to be released but the pricing and the odd looks have made me question my decision. I am not hating the design but yes, it is weird for sure. From a distance, it looks like a slab of white marble or something. The typing keys are huge and spaced out just the way I love them. Will I buy it? Let us see….will update here as soon as I get one in my hand.

Saw one recently in a showroom and the fact that it costs so much is the only deterrent I haven’t officially bought one. If someone knows how to find the best online deal for this, please let me know…